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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

3 Minutes Miracle Freeze Remedy from Aussie

As with make-up I think im even more obsessed with having lovely full of body , soft ,glossy hair...
Arent we all?
Unfortunately in the ages of excess styling and heat attacks , my hair is far from the perfect natura beauty I'd like it to be.
My bathroom is covered in hair-masks ,shampoos,conditioners ,serums ,heat protectors etc , now even more since my mum became hair-obsessed like me
So Im trying to give my hair a break from excess straightening and styling, and reduced the use of my straightners to just after washing(which is 2-3times a week).
Recently though my mum brough this little thing home 
Image Detail
Its supposed to be this miracle product for your hair
Like all aussie products it has a lovely,unique , delicate smell to it which i absolutely adore,and since my hair needed a wash i jumped in the shower,put a good "dolop" on my ends after shampooing and left for 5minutes.
After rinsing out and drying my hair I can say i could defienately see the difference in the bottom part of my hair (that had the conditioner treatmet) and the top part which didnt. Resulting in frizzy top part and unfrizzy bottom.
Nevertheless i stayled my hair as usual and the end were lovely and soft , and you couldnt see the split ends and damage as much!
The problem is , that my hair looked really weight down, and overall quite lifeless, now im not too sure whether its due to the conditioner, not being washed out properly so i must do another test on that and update you all soon!
A day after,my hair still looks more "greasy"then it normally would a day after washing, however the ends defienately look better, do not frizz and look much softer.
Has anybody else had the experience of hair looking weight down after using this product?

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